Some of my verified skills and certifications✅:

Adobe Photoshop CC Fundamentals and Essentials Training Udemy UC-c9524150-649d-4ed2-bdcc-9fcfd284297a-1 Advanced Algorithms and Complexity Coursera GLMMPEBLCU9Q-1 AI Fundamentals DataCamp Certificate-1 AI ON JETSON NANO Nvidia-1 Algorithmic Toolbox Coursera MA4KKNFEU7MB-1 C++ Programming Udemy UC-c58957c7-3ae3-4f83-b4b1-2f69b2df48fa-1 Codegoda 2022 organised by Agoda-1 Data Analytics Real-World Projects in Python Udemy UC-75332da1-4725-4f60-80ab-41f640046e3e-1 Data Science for Everyone DateCamp Certificate-1 Data Structures Coursera 394N5RVDD2EU-1 Database Foundations Database Management-1 Databases_ Relational Databases and SQL StanfordOnline SOE YDB-SQL0001 Certificate _ edX-1 Divide and Conquer, Sorting and Searching, and Randomized Algorithms Coursera V58E5TWMYGTV-1 Introduction to IoT_Cisco -certificate-1 Introduction to Opensource, Git and Github Microsoft Learn Student  2102001215000100   Github-1 Introduction to SQL Data Camp certificate-1 IoT Foundations Operating Systems Fundamentals-1 Linux Shells and Processes - LinkedIn learning-1 Machine Learning Coursera VJHQ4C2F8LDA-1 Microsoft SQL Server 2019_ For Beginners Udemy UC-93630ce4-c301-401f-a935-a38155ba79aa-1 Networking Foundations Network Media LANs-1 Python Assessment for skill HackerRank Certificate Deep Learning Fundamentals TV ML0115EN Certificate Cognitive Class Problem Solving (Basic) HackerRank Certificate

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